About Advanced Intelligent Robot Lab

"Advanced Intelligent Robot Lab" was founded by Professor Lin, Chyi-Yeu at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. The main research fouse on intelligent robots and intelligent automation technologies.

This study develops an autonomous pallet boxes relocation system that can fully automatically download boxes on the pallet and then relocate the boxes to designated locations. The system is based on the motion capability of a large robot arm and the  computer vision modules that enable autonomous operation.

This research provides two solutions to solve two exist problems in the automated production process. Firstly, we provide a solution to improve the efficiency and accuracy of a manual camera calibration process by using a robot-arm operated automatic calibration procedure.

The purpose of this study is to develop a 6-axis Robot Autonomous Line Tracking and Following System with three line lasers and a camera. The system can autonomously follow and track a 3D line and thereby conduct some processing by robot arm without time-consuming teaching tack.

Advanced Intelligent Robot Lab / Building E1, No.43, Keelung Rd., Sec.4, Da'an Dist., Taipei 10607, Taiwan / +886-2-27333141 #6494
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